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Veterans with ALS & Their Caregivers confront an exceptionally difficult disease 24/7. ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS, is a catastrophic, fatal, disease

In 2008 the VA made ALS a service connected condition. The VA is an incredible resource for veterans with ALS, and, an incredible challenge. Navigating the VA to access the benefits, care, and equipment needed in a timely manner can be frustrating, and time consuming.

It is the intent that this section of the blog help to lighten the load for these veterans and their caregivers.

Note: the following discussion is in no way related to receiving home health care, unskilled or skilled, by VHA, Veterans Health Administration. This is a discussion on Aid and Attendance as it relates to benefits, VBA, Veterans Benefits Administration. There is not a VA disability benefit that is specifically aid and attendance. Aid and attendance […]

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Brigadier General Thomas R Mikolajcik was a strong advocate for people with ALS and veterans with ALS. He was particularly strong in his advocacy for ALS to be service connected for all veterans and for the government to engage in meaningful research. In 2007 this is, in part, his testimony in front of Congress regarding […]

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