The May BOGO: ALS Awareness & Military Caregiver Month

The month of May is ALS Awareness Month. It is also the month  Military Caregiver are recognized. Veterans are twice as likely to get ALS than non-veterans. Tom is a veteran of the Marine Corps. He served from 1972-1975. He was diagnosed with ALS on June 21, 2010. He has a slowly progressive variant of the disease. He is service-connected for ALS and I am his caregiver. #EndALS

These are two ALS blogs I follow. I love both of these bloggers so very much.

Gill is a veteran living with ALS. He doesn’t shy away from the truths he lives with each and every single day. ALS has a formidable enemy in Gill. Gill is doing his damndest to prevent ALS from winning: Gill’s blog

Lara Garey is a caregiver of a veteran living with ALS. She is armed to the teeth with grit and determination. Under the armor are all of her feels. She is one of a very few of my best friends. When it comes to ALS caregiving we are one another’s sounding board, venting lifeline, and are transparent like glass: Tom’s Troops