Day 13 of the 30 Day COVID-19 Dinner Challenge: Taco Tuesday

June 23, 2020 ~ The kitchen helpers. They hang around just in case we need some cleanup. Mimi is in the foreground. She is an eight-pound Dachshund. Sophie is looking at the counter. She stands ready to catch any morsel at any time.

Taco Tuesday is a delight of a meal. When raising my kids I do not recall ever making tacos. I made chicken quesadillas and chicken fajita but not tacos. I learned about Taco Tuesday when I became a high school teacher at the tender age of 45-years old. For many of my students, it was their favorite day in the cafeteria.

We recently embraced Taco Tuesday on Cinco DeMayo Day. This was before our 30-day dinner challenge and seemed like something interesting to prep for and partake in from a culinary perspective. This is the history of Cinco DeMayo:

I’m not sure if there are taco making rules but if so we probably broke them.

Kate’s tacos consisted of the following:

Brown rice – 1/2 cup per serving

Ground beef – browned up, 5 ounces per serving

Gluten-Free Taco mix

For toppings, Kate put on the table light sour cream, Mexican shredded cheese, and salsa.

For taco shells, we made do with Tostitos chips.

It was on the high side calorie-wise measuring approximately 700 calories. For sure we could have backed off on the meat a bit, and I could have had fewer chips. Chips are one of my addictions. I would do better by counting out a serving worth and putting the bag away. This is how too many calories sneak into our diets. One chip becomes one hundred before you know it.

For exercise this day I ran three miles in the morning and did some paddleboarding. Paddleboarding was immensely intense this day with the wind so strong I paddle in place for about twenty minutes. My calorie burn was good enough to sustain a higher calorie dinner than normal. It was such a good dinner I’d do it all over again.

For Tom the diabetic we could have backed off on the portion. It was a bit much for him. The voracious appetite of ALS loved it I’m sure. As always, balancing quality of life with health issues is the challenge of our lives.

Good meal. Good company.

Until the next time!