Day 16 of the 30 Day COVID-19 Dinner Challenge: Pizza on the Fly

June 26, 2020 ~ Pizza on the fly is simply this: frozen pizza for those days you don’t want to cook. If we were not into our thirty-day cooking challenge I probably would have gotten us pizza take-out.

The cooking challenge is one way to alleviate boredom and outdoor living is the other. Recently, Kate and I have been kayaking and paddleboarding. They are great for workouts, change of scenery, and generally make it easy to distance from others. Wouldn’t you know the one time we kayaked across the bay to a little patch of beach in swirling tides a couple pulled ashore not ten minutes after we did? Of course, they did, right? It’s Murphy’s Law 101.

We burned up a ton of calories kayaking. I felt like I could have eaten piles of food by the time we got home. I was looking forward to a scrumptious pizza and it did not disappoint.

I had taken the chicken out of the freezer earlier in the day for the pizza topping. The thing about a diabetic is pizza is okay but you’ve got to have some protein, hence, the chicken. The balance has to be there. If Tom only has carbs he is sure to fall asleep within a half-hour of the pizza. It’s just bad for him so we’ve got to avoid it.

For the chicken I cut it up into bite-size pieces, diced up a load of basil, and cooked them together in some olive oil.

When they were done we added them to the frozen pizzas. I had a gluten-free pizza. Tom and Kate had a four cheese pizza. Tom added a bunch more cheese and sauce on theirs as well.

Calories? No clue. I didn’t count. Sometimes you just have to eat the food!

Until the next time!