Day 18 of the 30 Day COVID-19 Dinner Challenge: Butt Pork

photo caption: this is where we paddleboard and kayak

June 28, 2020 ~ Sunday was a paddleboarding day. It was the thing Kate and I had planned on for our retreat-at-home. Although I knew dinner was on me I didn’t get caught up in searching for a recipe and getting all complicated with meal planning. I went for the easy. Paddleboarding is fantastically fun and challenging but also exhausting. I planned for how I would feel after an afternoon on the water paddling and trying, that’s the operative word, trying to stand for more than a second on the board.

It turned out to be a smart move. It was super windy out there. Kate and I paddled in place for what seemed like an eternity. By the time we got home, we were whipped.

Before we left to paddleboard I trimmed the pork butt then cut it into thick slices. I put it in a slow cooker with vegetable broth nearly to the top of the meat then finished it off with Baby Ray’s Hickory barbeque sauce. I turned it on and walked out the door.

When we came home the house smelled sooo good. I made some coleslaw – Miracle Whip, horseradish, some sugar, and lemon juice and brown rice as the sides.

Our portion size was not large. The calories per person I estimate in the 655 range.

We all enjoyed this meal though it was on the high side of calories and the meat is fatty. If I did not have to care about calories and fat, like the fat you consume and the fat on the body, I would eat this several times a month.

True confession: this was the first time I made a pork butt. I’ve had a few firsts in this challenge and it isn’t over yet!

Until the next time!