Day 26 of the 30 Day COVID-19 Dinner Challenge: Chicken with Corn Bread

July 7, 2020 -Chicken with Cornbread is a made-up recipe. It’s what most of us do on a daily basis when it comes to making dinner. I figured out what to make on the fly. We do what we must to get some food on the table toward the end of the day. Cornbread is not exactly a great choice. It is a tasty one though which counts for something.

Cornbread with a meal is a classic Southern option. Having grown up in New York cornbread was not commonly made with meals. I could be wrong about this but I don’t think we ever had it with a meal growing up. I would say potatoes or rice were staples for the carbohydrate side with our dinners.

Cornbread has a rich history dating back to Native Americans:

Cornbread History

For this meal, cornbread was a good addition though not one I would repeat often. I made a gluten-free cornbread. The problem with gluten-free baked products is they tend to be dry. We end up putting some butter or jam or both on it and BAM! those calories increased in no time at all.

To cook the chicken I marinated it in a bit of olive oil and thyme. It was just okay. I had done this pork chops and it was great. I’m not sure why the chicken wasn’t as good.

I added some summer veggies to the chicken and cornbread to round out the meal.

All the way around I’d say this was just an okay meal that I wouldn’t repeat.