Day 9 of the 30 Day COVID-19 Dinner Challenge: Breakfast for Dinner

June 19, 2020 ~ We love breakfast for dinner. Almost any hot breakfast food works for us for dinner. The exception is grits. We are raised in the northeast. Our families never introduced us to grits. We never became accustomed to them.

When we moved to North Carolina in the early 2000’s I was working at Duke. In the first week of my new job, we had a breakfast meeting in the cafeteria. I got a cup of coffee and what I thought was farina. In a previous blog post, I talked about my dad making the best lumpy farina. I was kind of excited when I saw this giant pot of hot farina. Steam was coming out of it. I pulled out a ladle full of it to take back to the table. In a new job, in a new state, in an odd way, it was comforting to find farina there.

As soon as we were all at the table the meeting started. I sipped some coffee waiting for the farina to cool. I took some notes, asked some questions, engaged with my new co-workers, and took a spoonful of what I thought was farina. It’s amazing, truly, that I didn’t spit out the grits. Although I couldn’t see the look on my face, I could imagine it and it wasn’t pretty.

I can be a gamer with food. I was certain I could find a way to like grits. My southern friends had a variety of ways for me to love their grits. Brown Sugar. Milk. Cheese. Butter. White Sugar. Honey. Black Pepper. Nutmeg. I think that’s it. None of these items enticed me to love eating grits enough to choose them, like ever again. I’m done with grits for life.

This was Kate’s meal to make. Her choices for breakfast for dinner:

Scrambled egg whites with onions, sundried tomatoes, thin slices of ham heated in a pan, and tater tots. I added salsa to mine. At 10 calories for two tablespoons salsa is a great bang for the caloric buck. Tom and Kate added some shredded cheddar cheese to theirs. I went cheeseless.

Total calories for me = 410.

*The photo of Maddie does not relate to this meal. We did not have watermelon. Maddie did not have watermelon. I forgot to take a photo of this meal and liked this photo of Maddie. I mean, c’mon, Maddie makes us all smile. She’s good for the heart.

Until the next time!