He Brought Her Flowers

 Yesterday, a long time ago,

he gave her flowers, from the florist.

He sent them to her home, and her work.

Now and then, he bought, and brought,

them himself.


Later, sometime after yesterday,

they bought a house together,

he made her gardens of

luscious flowers with scents of love

filling their home.


Today, all the time after the yesterdays,

he can no longer drive to buy the flowers,

he can no longer dig in the garden,

to plant and nourish flowers,

for his lady.


They meet the future together,

she drives him where he wants to go,

he still, sometimes, buys her flowers.


She makes the gardens for him,

her gentle man,

at his direction,

to the finest detail.

He cuts her flowers,

now and then, from their garden,

because he still can,

and she finds she loves him more

this day than yesterday,

and will more so

each of the tomorrow’s

that come after today.