Podcasting – Episode 9: Our First 3-way is With a Vegas Showgirl

A few months ago, my friend, Jennifer Mackinday, and I embarked on a project. Jenn had a keen interest in podcasting for quite some time. She asked me to join her in the endeavor, however, it took months for me to get on board with the idea. Work, family, life and skepticism got in the way. I’ve since managed to make time for it, and the skepticism disappeared. For sure I did not believe I would good in this medium. I can’t say I’m good but I do enjoy making them, that counts, doesn’t it?

Our podcasts are chats. Chats between us. Chats with a focus. Chats that are random. Chats with guests.

Our podcast production is ‘Sarcasm Sisters’. Why Sarcasm Sisters? Sarcasm releases tension for us. We text frequently with one another about the day’s events or the issues that concern us. Sarcasm is a coping tool we use with each other to get through challenging issues. Just like in our podcast we do not immerse ourselves in sarcasm, we use it sparingly.

Episode 9: Our First 3-way is With a Vegas Showgirl. In this episode Jenn and I chat with Michelle Bassett, a 2017 Elizabeth Dole Foundation Fellow, who cares for her husband, a veteran, and who, herself is a breast cancer survivor. Michelle represents the state of Nevada. She is open about her breast cancer experience, and wants everyone to know how important it is to give themselves a breast exam.